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Welcome to the first issue of our revamped newsletter!  We will be keeping you all up to date with the new and exciting things going on at Holley. We’re always coming out with new products, putting on and attending automotive events, working on our own project cars, and looking out for the latest and greatest happenings in the industry. We’re bringing all of this to you through this newsletter, so keep your eyes peeled and enjoy!
Holley EFI website

EFI Made Easy! Self Tuning EFI System

You hear the name Holley, you think carburetors. That’s expected since we build the most sought after carbs in the high performance market. That’s not all we do though; we’re on the leading edge of fuel injection as well. Our three new EFI systems deliver a package that’s easy to install, setup, and run because of their self-learning capabilities. Here’s the scoop on the systems. Click here for more information...
Weiand Vintage Blower Drive

New Weiand Swing-Arm Blower Drive

This drive style gained popularity as the standard choice for front engine dragsters, gassers, and altered of the 1960s as well as on Mel Gibson’s Interceptor Coupe in the 1970s cult classic movie Mad Max. Now it’s back and ready to bolt onto your 6-71 blower! Blower drive components can be ordered as a kit or à la carte for those of you with parts from your existing blower setups. Check out the kit here
Hooker Titanium Cermaic Coated Headers

Titanium Ceramic Coated Headers

We’ve introduced a new ceramic coating with the exotic look of Titanium. It’s a durable rust-resistant ceramic coating that withstands 1,600 degrees F, with a unique spin on the typical metallic ceramic look. If you’re looking for a little something different under your hood, these Titanium-look ceramic coated headers will give you a clean style that’s current with this decade’s subtle and satin look. Click to find your application...
Grassroots Motorsports Magazine

In The Media

Check out Grassroots Motorsports Magazine's story on LS-motor swaps coming out in the May 2011 issue. It's a quick and dirty guide to the possibilities of swapping an LS motor into something it didn't come in. It features LS-swap products including our retrofit oil pan, engine mount adapters, and headers. The story focuses on swapping these modern-day small-blocks into rear-wheel-drive imports and early GM Muscle cars. Grassroots Motorsports Magazine Website

New Holley EFI Tech Videos Here

Whether you're new to the world of fuel injection and you don't know where to start or you're a seasoned tuner looking for a refresher, there's some excellent technical information at

New Earl's Plumbing Video

Check out our new video on where Jonathon Buckley, PowerTV host, brings us a quick guide on Earl's hose and fitting products. Jonathon shows us how easy assembling hose can be! Check out his video as well as our other Plumbing How-To videos also on

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Holley's People News
Hey I’m Liz Miles (editor of this newsletter) and you may have seen my satin orange '68 Camaro around in the magazines, at car shows, and occasionally on TV. Recently I did a bottom end overhaul with a new rotating assembly and valvetrain. ILiz Miles' small-block Chevy keeping the ground clear of oil with Earl's Pressure Master valve cover gaskets used some of Earl’s sealing products that I don’t think enough people know exist. I’ve ran the same Earl’s Pressure Master valve cover gaskets on my small-block Chevy for years. They’ve gone through dozens of valve lash sessions and a couple rebuilds, they remained straight and leak free. They come in small- and big-block Chevy and small- and big-block Ford flavors.

They use an aluminum frame and a graphite insert to seal at the head flange and collector.
What’s great about these seals is that it can make up for messed up surfaces and gaps without distorting the header. The engine’s previous run was over five years long without a single header leak, so this time around I threw in a new set of inserts, knowing they wouldn’t leak for at least another five. See the Ford and Chevy applications here: Earl’s Pressure Master header and collector seals.

See more about my engine goodies here!

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