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  Here's even more news from Holley and friends. We’re always coming out with new products; putting on and attending automotive events; working on our own project cars; and looking out for the latest and greatest happenings in the industry. All of these findings we’re bringing to you through this newsletter, so keep your eyes peeled and enjoy!

Big Holley Carb Giveaway
We're kicking off another 52 carbs in 52 weeks giveaway! All you need to do is be on this mailing list so hook up your friends by sending them to this page: Gearhead Newsletter Subscription Page

You can't get those odds playing the lottery and this doesn't cost you anything! Winners will be randomly selected and contacted via e-mail monthly. Only one entry per person/e-mail address will be eligible for the 52 Carbs Sweepstakes.
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New Billet Fuel Pumps!
Holley’s new HP™ and Dominator™ In-Line Billet Fuel Pumps are designed to be the perfect companion to your carbureted or fuel injected street vehicle, race car, off-road truck, or any engine that needs fuel. These fuel pumps feature OEM gerotor technology which yields lightweight, quiet operation and 100,000+ mile durability in a cost effective, attractive package. HP™ and Dominator™ fuel pumps are gasoline and diesel compatible. The HP™ fuel pumps are capable of supporting stock or modified engines up to 1,050 horsepower and Dominator™ pumps up to 2,100 horsepower to fuel just about anything. Check them out here.

Holley's Hot Rod Reuinion Footage
See coverage from this year's Hot Rod Reunion at www.HolleyTV.com

Hooker Darksides Cermaic Coated Headers

Darksides Ceramic Coated Headers
Like our Hooker Titanium ceramic coating, Darksides coatings are more heat resistant than traditional metallic ceramic coatings, these up to 1,700 degrees. The black satin finish is great for the old-school look of painted headers, or for a new-school stealthy look. This finish isn't new to our shelves, but the line has expanded to cover more of your faves. To see what's on the shelf click here.

LS Engine Coil Covers
Holley has developed these coil covers to give an LS engine that macho Big Block Chevy look. They're equally at home on a late model as well as an early vehicle with an LS retrofitted between its frame rails.  They're made of Glass Filled Nylon Composite material for strength and come ready to paint if you choose. The great thing about these covers is that it can give you a traditional or high tech look depending on how you decide to use them.
See 'em here

Holley's Shop Truck With Coil Covers

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'74 Chevelle Wagon
See this wagon as well as other Holley project cars!

Holley LS Fest Footage
Last year’s event was an absolute blast. There was something for everyone between the drag racing, autocross, engine swap challenge, 0-60-0 challenge, and the all-LS car show. Make sure to mark this year’s calendar with our second annual LS Fest September 9-11. See pictures, media coverage, and more. Visit the LS Fest website for more. 

Watch the 2010 LS Fest Video

Events Added
To LS Fest!!

Truckin' Magazine Throwdown
A pre-selected group of LS-powered trucks will be put to the test in a variety of performance appraisals including a quarter mile drag race, autocross, and a 600 ft. slalom. An independent judging of the participating vehicles show quality will be conducted as well to aid in establishing a Truckin’ Throwdown champion.

Super Chevy Magazine and ERL Dyno Challenge
Event participants get the chance to measure their vehicles horsepower and torque in the Super Chevy Magazine and ERL Dyno Challenge. First, second, and third place awards will be presented to those who post the highest numbers.

Visit www.LSFest.com to see more about these events and how to get involved.

Corvette Crash
Check out Hinson Motorsport's C5 Z06 sporting Holley Dominator EFI. It made 1,400 horsepower to put on a good show at the Texas Mile. After many successful passes, the 'Vette's rear wheel broke which made for a spectacular crash. No one was hurt so don't feel sad when you see this car go down. See the video on YouTube.com by clicking the link below.
Hinson Motorsport's Texas Mile Z06

Holley's People News

Chad Henderson Goes EFI in EZ Street
“Converting a carbureted guy to fuel injection is like converting a Chevy guy to a Ford or a die-hard domestic owner over to imports," Dragzine.com says about Chad Henderson’s change to EFI. Chad drives a 632-inch big-block Chevy powered EZ Street Grand National. He has run every carburetor setup known to man and winning most of the events he’s attended. Since his switch to EFI he has experienced consistency he could only dream of. See more at Dragzine.com.

Jon Clark is Van-tastic!
While on the road on Power Tour we spotted Jon Clark's '64 Dodge A-100. This thing is just plane cool. He drove the tour in its entirety with no air conditioning and a Holley EFI fueled 340 between the front seats. The previously carbureted 340 came from a '68 Barracuda. In that condition Jon pushed the white brick though at 10 MPG. After the swap to our Avenger EFI with a four-barrel throttle body he got 14 MPG, just in time for Power Tour! Check out Jon's faux magazine cover he designed to celebrate his beloved van. 

Jon Clark's Holley EFI Powered Dodge A-100
See More...
We caught a ton of the Power Tour action on film so check out our event pictures on Facebook! Make sure you "Like" us too while you're there :)
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-Liz Miles, Holley Gearhead News Editor
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