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Holley Performance Products Events

Woohoo! Last month was a blast. Check out what's in store for July!
(7/4-7) NHRA Summit Racing Equipment Nationals - Norwalk, OH
(7/5-7) Goodguys 22nd Heartland Nationals - Des Moines, IA
(7/12-14) Goodguys 16th PPG Nationals - Columbus, OH
(7/19-21) NHRA Mopar Mile-High Nationals - Denver, CO
NHRA Sonoma Nationals - Sonoma, CA
Summer Door Car Shootout - West Frankfort, IL
NOS Powershot 125 Nitrous Plate System Installation

Blue Bottle
Blue Car
Budget Nitrous

Nitrous isn’t just for dedicated drag cars. In fact, it makes a perfect addition to a powerful hot rod because it can add significant amounts of horsepower even if you’re on a tight budget. Best of all, it does all of this with no effect on drivability or gas mileage during regular cruising. This Challenger got a 125-hp Powershot kit which installs easily and works great! See the extremely detailed installation complete with before and after dyno sessions.
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Modified Mustangs and Fords Give a Mach 1 More Fuel
Beauty in Billet - Mach 1 Fuel System
Sure these pumps are great for high horsepower fuel injected engines. But did you know they are a great fit for just about any project? This month, Modified Mustangs and Fords replaces a tired mechanical fuel pump with a Holley unit. The Holley billet in-line fuel pump is whisper quiet which makes it great for the street and the return-style setup makes it ready to run on a carbureted application. See the whole installation, complete with Earl's plumbing.
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Robin Lawrence of Holley Returns to Racing in Coyote Stock
Robin Lawrence of Holley Returns to Racing in Coyote Stock
You may know Robin, Holley's Director of Sales, as "Uncle Robin" from is early days in racing Fords. He went on to race with Chevrolet Performance in the fastest LSX in NMCA Nostalgia Pro Street. Well, now he's back to the track in an '86 Mustang in NMRA's Coyote Stock class. This class requires the use of a sealed Coyote motor provided by Ford Racing. They are completely tamper proof, leaving it up to suspension and driver to win the race.
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Huge 1,100 Horsepower TA Smokes the Tires
Wanna See a HUGE Burnout?
Watch this 1,100 horsepower turbocharged Firebird Trans Am really get them roasting! We would have rather not seen people standing in front of the car for this one, but we have to admit, it was a good burnout!
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We have a goal of getting 110,000 friends by the end of this year in celebration of our 110th anniversary! We're already 80,000 strong and would love to see more of you guys on our page!
Sick Seconds '69 Camaro Dyno Video
Sick Seconds '69 Camaro Dyno Video
This is Tom Bailey's '69 Camaro built for Hot Rod Drag Week featuring a 615-cubic inch turbocharged engine. For this year's Drag Week, they switch over to Holley EFI to ensure they can reach the big numbers at the track. Hear a little bit about the build then the beautiful sound of the loaded engine on the chassis dyno! Over 2,000 horsepower for just the base tune!
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Sick Seconds Dyno Video
Holley Hot Rod Reunion 2013 Photos
Holley Hot Rod Reunion Recap
Once again Marketing team member Blane Burnett made sure to capture the spirit of a Holley event through photographs. He was able to update our fans on Facebook throughout the event in real time. Check out what the Holley Hot Rod Reunion of 2013 was all about!
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Muscle Car TV Dart with 8-71 on the Road
Muscle Car TV Dart with a 8-71 on the Road
The guys of the Powerblock's Muscle Car show have been working on a lime green Dodge Dart to take to the drag strip, but also to perform on the street. When they were looking for big horsepower in a good-looking package, they turned to Weiand. They decided on the famous 8-71 Roots-style supercharger. Watch the episode where they recap the build and finally get it on the road and on the strip!
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Muscle Car TV Dart with a Weiand 8-71
Holley People News
Rick Anderson's '79 Mustang Sleeper

Building a fast car is easier than ever these days. Fast parts are available for nearly every make and model one might want to modify. Those fast parts can come at the cost of streetability. That was something that Rick Anderson, Technical Sales Representative (specializing in Holley EFI), had as a priority. He wanted a car capable of some awesome quarter-mile times that can also sit it city traffic. Rick didn’t want to worry about door dings or rock chips, so he started with a car that already had a ton.

You may have heard Rick’s name before, as his is synonymous with Ford and Mustang racing. Rick comes to Holley from Anderson Ford Motorsport with more than two decades of expertise in the performance industry. His experience includes design work with piggyback computers, cold air intakes, camshafts, and digital mass air meters. He has logged thousands of hours on the dyno, twisting wrenches, tuning and prototyping products. He is also a technical writer for magazines such as Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords, Modified Mustangs & Fords, and Race Pages with well over 80 technical stories to his credit.
He bought this 1979 Mustang coupe two years ago with a plan to build the ultimate True Street and Hot Rod Drag Week long hauler. The headlines of the car would be automatic overdrive transmission, cruise control, air conditioning, and at least 650 rear-wheel horsepower.

The power came easy with a 7-liter (427 cubic inch) small-block Ford. It starts with a Ford Racing Performance Parts engine block with a DSS rotating assembly, and Motorsport custom nitrous camshaft. Up top is a NOS two-stage Dry Fogger kit, Holley injectors supplying the fuel, and a Holley 1000cfm throttle body bringing in the air. A NOS POD kit controls bottle opening and pressure and a 16032NOS purge kit clears out the system. Of course, all would be managed with Holley EFI. It controls timing through the Holley DIS 556-101 coil packs, fuel activity, 4L80E transmission control, and two stages of progressive nitrous.
New to the power-list is an XB123 Vortech blower to really give the Mustang an edge on this year’s Drag Week. To see full-sized pictures and dyno sheets, visit the Holley Facebook page where we have a photo album exclusively for our Holley Team members!

Anderson's Ugly Foxbody
Share your ride with us at http://www.holley.com/VirtualShow/. The more photos and information you post up, the better!

Thanks for reading!

-Liz Miles, Holley Gearhead News Editor
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