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Holley Performance Products
Welcome Gearheads!

Holley LS Fest

Holley's LS Fest is right around the corner! Click the banner above for the Bowling Green, Kentucky, event with everything from autocross, drag racing, dyno testing, braking challenge, and more!
August Events:

(8/1-4) NSRA Street Rod Nationals Plus - Louisville, KY
(8/2-4) NHRA O'Reilly Auto Parts Northwest Nationals - Seattle, WA
(8/2-4) NMCA Muscle Car Nationals - Bowling Green, KY
(8/9-11) Mopar Nationals - Columbus, OH
NHRA Lucas Oil Nationals - Brainerd, MN
(8/23-25) Frog Follies - Evansville, IN
Hooker LS Swap Headers & Mounts for 2nd?Gen F?Bodies

Hooker 2nd Gen F-Body Headers and Mounts!
Finally, there is a complete engine/transmission mounting and exhaust solution for swapping the extremely popular GM LS engines into 2nd generation GM F-bodies (Camaro/Firebird). Hooker now offers full and mid-length mild steel headers available in Black Paint, Silver Ceramic, and Black Ceramic coatings. Because they are specific to your year, they provide maximum component clearance, ground clearance, and room for large-diameter exhaust tubing. Click the link below to see the full line of headers, transmission crossmemebers, and engine mounts.
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Boyd Coddington's Extended Family
Boyd Coddington Staff in Hot Rod
Boyd Coddington's name is a part of hot rodding history. You may have caught coverage of his shop's happenings on TLC or the Discovery channel. Recently, Hot Rod Magazine did a Where Are They Now sheet. I was excited to see my name and Holley Performance Products next to it!
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Scali Motorsports Uses Holley EFI To Win Allstar Championship
ALLSTARS win for Scali Motorsports with Holley EFI!
The Scali Motorsports team won back-to-back events this June, with its Holley Dominator EFI equipped 712 cid big-block Camaro. It started with first place in the Top Sportsman class, at the NHRA Division 3 race at Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, IL.

They continued with the team's participation in the JEGS Allstar National competition June 27-30, also at Route 66 Raceway, and won the competition to become the JEGS Allstar Champion for 2013! Read more about their success and how Holley EFI helped them win their first Wally of the season!
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Weiand X?CELerator Single Plane Intake For Ford 351 Cleveland Revamped
Weiand X-CELerator Intake for 351 Cleveland Revamped! 
The Weiand X-CELerator single plane intake manifold for 2V headed Ford 351 Clevelands (PN 7516) has been re-tooled. That means the popular Ford intake is now even better looking and higher flowing than ever. Check out the new beauty below!
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Rick Anderson's Project Pretty Ugly
Rick Anderson's Ugly Car
Last month we highlighted the "Ugly Mustang" owned by Rick Anderson, Holley's Technical Sales Representative. It's a little rough on the outside, but everything under its skin is built to perfection. It's so unique, it's gotten quite a bit of attention from 5.0 Magazine. Be sure to pick up the September issue for the Dominant Genes story where the Holley Dominator EFI commanded motor is the highlight. Get it at the newsstands now or make sure to catch the online version in a couple weeks. Don't worry, we will remind you!

Check back in to our Holley Employee's Facebook photo album to see more photos of Project Pretty Ugly
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Rick Anderson's Project Pretty Ugly
408ci LS Build with Holley Goodies
408ci LS Makes Big Power with a Holley Carb, Intake, and Oil Pan
If you thought a small block LS V8 couldn't make big horsepower without a supercharger, then you haven't heard of Mike Mavrigian's project 408. With a Holley Hi-Ram modular intake manifold and a pair of all-aluminum Ultra HP carburetors, this engine was able to crank  out over 670 horsepower. See how they did it and check out the Holley blog site!
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Holley People News
Remember last month’s news item about Uncle Robin returning to racing? We mentioned his current ride, a Fox-body Mustang, and the Nova he is very well known for.

In 2006, Robin adopted the Horsepower TV Super Nova project car to build into a NMCA Nostalgia Pro Street Nitrous LSX Race Car. The partnership between Horsepower TV, Chevrolet Performance (GMPP back then), and all of the other sponsors helped in the success of the build the first time around.

The new chapter in the Nova’s life started with being Director of Sales at Holley. He was happy to outfit the Nova with all of the Holley brand products available. He originally built the car with a pair of Pro Systems modified 1,150-cfm Holley Dominator carburetors. Now, with the addition of Holley EFI, he swapped the carbs for a pair of Holley’s billet Dominator 2,000-cfm throttle bodies. He was also running the Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS) Launcher for the single Pro Fogger system but the control duties have been taken over by Holley EFI’s built-in nitrous controller. All fluids are housed by Earl’s plumbing products, of course.

We asked Robin what’s next for the Nova, and he answered “The Nova’s best quarter mile time to date is a 7.77 at 179mph. The goal is to break into the 7.4- range. The goal is to compete in the Pro LSX Class at the Holley LS Fest in September which requires a 5.00-second 1/8th mile time to qualify. Recent testing has been positive and I’m confident will continue to test as time allows.  We expect heavy hitters at the inaugural Pro LSX Class and it will be fun running with the big dogs.”
Quick Specs:
Holley Dominator EFI
Holley Dominator 2,000-cfm throttle bodies
Team Z Motorsports 25-2 chassis
Quartermax rear housing, 4 link and anti roll bar
Chevrolet Performance LSX block
Chevrolet Performance DR cylinder heads
Jesel rockers, belt drive, and lifters
Lunati 60MM camshaft
HRE sheet metal intake
Single NOS Fogger system
Earl’s Performance plumbing was used for all the fuel, oil and water lines
Liberty clutchless 5 speed transmission
8-inch Ace billet clutch
Strange Engineering supplied the brakes and double adjustable coil over shocks
Autometer stack multi-function dash assembly
Motive 4.57 Pro Gear

Robin Lawrence's '69 NMCA Nova

See other Holley employee's rides on our Facebook Page.
Share your ride with us at http://www.holley.com/VirtualShow/. The more photos and information you post up, the better!

Thanks for reading!

-Liz Miles, Holley Gearhead News Editor
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