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See what's new with Holley!
Holley Performance Products
Welcome Gearheads!

Summer may be over but the events are still coming!

October Events:

(10/3-6) NHRA Auto Plus Nationals - Reading, PA
(10/3-6) NMRA All-Ford World Finals - Bowling Green, KY
(10/11-12) IHRA Nitro Jam - Memphis, TN
(10/12) 4th Annual Ratoberfest - Paducah, KY
(10/18-20) California Hot Rod Reunion - Bakersfield, CA
(10/24-27) NHRA Las Vegas Nationals - Las Vegas, NV
Hooker LS Swap Headers & Mounts for 2nd–Gen F–Bodies
LS Fest 2013 Coverage!
What an amazing event! If you weren't able to make it, you will be able to experience the sights through the various magazine and social media outlets. LSXtv.com kicks off the re-celebration with their online article!
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Boyd Coddington's Extended Family
Top Drag–Week Competitors Win Big Using HOLLEY EFI
Equipped with Holley EFI systems, several competitors won their class or finished in top positions during Hot Rod Magazine’s Drag Week, September 9-13, 2013. The biggest news of the event was Tom Bailey and his 1969 Camaro, who won the Unlimited Class by averaging 6.83 seconds @ 214 mph over the course of the week setting a Drag Week record! Check out all of the racers who won with Holley below!
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Jason Line Wins Pro Stock with Gen-3 Dominator
Jason Line and the team at KB racing in Mooresville, North Carolina, started testing Holley’s new Gen-3 Ultra Dominator carburetor around mid-season, and have since racked up some impressive results.“We started testing with the Holley Gen 3 mid-season and it showed great potential right out of the box,” says Line. “It has proven to be a great design and casting. It’s performing remarkably well for us.” Line’s Summit Racing Camaro uses a 500 cubic inch engine that makes an estimated 1400+ horsepower. The Holley Gen-3 Ultra Dominator carburetors are designed specifically for all out racing applications like Line’s Pro Stock car. Find out more about his victory and about the Gen-3 Dominator below.
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Scali Motorsports Uses Holley EFI To Win Allstar Championship
All New Terminator on Extreme 4X4
Fuel injection has gotten even easier to work with using Holley's Terminator EFI. The throttle body is modeled after the ultra-slick NASCAR throttle body, but with simple operation. With a couple electrical connections, a fuel line, and a hand-held controller, Ian Johnson of the Powerblock's Extreme 4X4 installs a Terminator EFI system on a viewer's project buggy. Move along to the 14 minute mark to see the super quick installation!
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Weiand X–CELerator Single Plane Intake For Ford 351 Cleveland Revamped
Taking LS Intakes to New Heights w/ Super Chevy Magazine
Holley has produced two of the most innovate intake manifolds for the GM LS-series engine on the market. The Hi-Ram and Mid-Rise, both modular designs, allow for multiple induction types. In this article, the guys at Westech Performance put both of them to the test to see just how they perform. What do you expect to see? Horsepower out of the Hi-Ram and torque out of the Mid-Rise! Click the link below to find out!
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Holley's LS Fest 2013 Photos
Our own Marketing Rep Blane Burnett and various photographers have contributed their shots for a complete multi-event photo gallery on the LS Fest Facebook page. Be sure to check out the album to each event in the albums page. Like us too!
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Rick Anderson's Project Pretty Ugly
Mustang Monthly's Carburetor Rebuilding with Holley Article
This month, Mustang Monthly Magazine traveled to the Bowling Green, Kentucky, Holley Headquarters. They worked alongside the Holley Custom Shop's expert carburetor builders to breathe new life into their old Ford carb. See how each part is meticulously repaired, refinished, or replaced to make a better than new product.
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408ci LS Build with Holley Goodies
Custom Classic Trucks Love LS Accessories
This month's issue of Custom Classic Trucks shows off our LS accessory drive system. They come in several configurations to meet your application's needs. Check out the story behind the cover on newsstands now!
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Holley People News
Tom Tomlinson - 1973 Camaro LT/RS
Holley is chock full of car nuts and our President is one of the biggest car nuts out of all of us.  If he's not working on a car project, it's because he's out driving one!  His current build is a '73 Camaro LT/RS that he bought just a year ago from a guy in California who had owned it for 20 years. Underneath, Tom’s ride features a full complement of Detroit Speed goodies and it’ll be running a bored and stroked Thomson Automotive built LS7.  This 706 horsepower bullet will be topped off with a Holley NASCAR throttle body and a Holley Terminator EFI controller will be handling the fuel and spark.  Once finished you can count on the fact that Tom will be tearing up the streets and the track every chance he gets.

See the article in Camaro Performers Magazine this month featuring Tom's build in their special project car feature! Read it here.

Make sure to check it out in the pages of this month's Camaro Performers Magazine and online in the Employee Rides album on our Facebook Page.


Robin Lawrence's '69 NMCA Nova

See other Holley employee's rides on our Facebook Page.
Share your ride with us at http://www.holley.com/VirtualShow/. The more photos and information you post up, the better!

Thanks for reading!

-Liz Miles, Holley Gearhead News Editor
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