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  • See what's new with Holley!
    Holley Performance Products
    Welcome Gearheads!

    Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break and got a car part or two to install! We are still working on our list of events for this year, but here are a few we have planned so far!
    (2/06-09) NHRA Winternationals - Pomona, CA
    (2/20-23) Lights Out V - Adel, GA
    (2/21-23) NHRA Carquest Auto Parts Nationals - Phoenix, AZ

    Holley Superformance MKIII Cobra
    The Holley Superformance MKIII Cobra from Hillbank USA/Superformance is the first Shelby licensed Cobra replica that the company built using our Terminator EFI system! When it came time to add a new SEMA demo car to their fleet of fast Fords, they chose to build a classic car with lots of power and the cold-starting reliability of an EFI system. See the whole scoop by clicking the link below!
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    Boyd Coddington's Extended Family
    622 Horsepower: the Old-School Way
    Sometimes a simple, straightforward combination is best. No tricks, no overly exotic hardware; just regular hardcore speed equipment built around a standard Gen 1 small-block for a traditional street rod or street machine. Check out this Weiand blown, dual Holley carbed 383-incher by clicking the link below
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    EFI Made Simple: Dominator EFI
    The Holley engineering team had a number of specific goals in mind when they set out to create a world-class design for fuel injection. Chief among them is the ability to control all aspects of vehicle management within one box. Engine Labs online magazine goes over all of these controls to show just how easy it is! Check the article out by clicking the link below.
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    Hooker Headers Now on Facebook
    Come check Hooker Headers out on Facebook! We have just introduced our Hooker Headers brand only page. Help us grow and let us know what you would like to see.
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    Hot Rod Roadkill Camaro LS w/ Holley EFI Videos
    If you didn't get to see it live at the PRI trade show in Indy and didn't catch the video stream while it was happening, don't worry, it's all here! Play the YouTube playlist that includes coverage from each day where the Hot Rod Magazine team installed an LS engine equipped with Holley parts into their project Crusher '67 Camaro over the course of the show.
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    Weiand X–CELerator Single Plane Intake For Ford 351 Cleveland Revamped
    Engine Power TV @ Holley LS Fest
    This episode covers a sweet LS engine built with Holley parts by the Engine Power team. Coverage continues onto the Holley LS Fest Engine Swap Challenge where two teams have to swap LS engines into cars they won't see until the time starts! Watch the excitement here!
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    Want Your Own COPO Engine?
    Well you can have one! Chevrolet Performance is now offering both supercharged and N/A versions of this popular racing engine. The N/A version is equipped with a Holley Hi-Ram intake and Holley fuel rails. They come in 350 and 396-cubic inches so pick your poison!
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    Did you know?

    The 2014 COPO Camaros will come with Holley HP EFI ECUs for both the N/A and supercharged versions!
    Rick Anderson's Project Pretty Ugly
    NOS How It Works with Chevy High
    Chevy High Performance magazine put out an awesome article this month all about NOS. They cover the basics of nitrous as well as specific system types and requirements; great knowledge even for the experienced spray artist. Make sure you pick up the February 2014 issue while it's still on sale!
    On Sale Now!
    408ci LS Build with Holley Goodies
    Handicapped Racer w/ Holley EFI
    Meet Craig Hairston, a South Carolina-based drag racer whose dreams of racing weren't limited by his wheelchair-bound body. He races an all-hand controlled methanol fueled dragster equipped with Holley EFI running a Suzuki Hyabusa engine. Check him out on Facebook. He is an inspiration!
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    GM High Tech Magazine Holley Touch-Screen Dash
    Editor Scott Parker has been building this '95 Camaro 275 drag car and it's time for the finishing touches. One of these touches is the Holley touch screen they planted in the dash. Pop open the February 2014 issue to see the whole article.
    On Sale Now!

    Same Issue - LS Fest 2013 Coverage
    Don't miss GM High Tech's take on LS Fest. No doubt this event was right up their alley with everything LS!
    On Sale Now!
    We Did It! 110K+ Likes
    Thank you all for being a part of the 110,000 "likes" goal we set for the 110 years we have been in business!
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    Holley People News
    Liz Miles - Holley EFI on the '68 Camaro
    I've finally done it. I've put Holley Terminator EFI on my '68 Camaro. I started building this car over 12 years ago with styling cues from the vintage Trans Am race cars like the Smokey Yunick Camaro. I kept it very traditional with 15-inch wheels, vintage buckets, and suspension components from the factory. Well, times change. The 15s were replaced by 17s, the vinyl buckets for fixed back race seats, and high-tech suspension that would never have been allowed in the Trans Am class.

    The engine started out simple too. I've been rocking a 950-cfm Holley Ultra HP carburetor for the last six years and it has served me well. This fall however, it lost its seat at the top of my naturally aspirated 350 small-block Chevy that makes about 550 horsepower. A Holley Terminator EFI throttle body injection unit took the Ultra HP's place and I couldn't be more impressed. Make sure to check out the article in the March issue of Chevy High Performance coming this Spring.


    See other Holley employee's rides on our Facebook Page.
    Share your ride with us at http://www.holley.com/VirtualShow/. The more photos and information you post up, the better!


    Thanks for reading!

    -Liz Miles, Holley Gearhead News Editor
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